Pokestaff Secrets#1
hi Everyone :O something has happened? what ? omg yes, it is a new Pokemedia here that has something to say. everyone welcome our newest member NICK JONES

- From : Yun Winters

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Ryder Ackerman

Ryder Ackerman This is a great article Nick! I loved doing the interview!

Melanie Chase

Melanie Chase Congratulations on the job first all it looks ADORABLE on you! This article is wonderful and the code Yun, is so adorable! Nick this job is a perfect fit for you I look forward to reading more of your lovely articles!

Werner Hennigan

Werner Hennigan You are a wonderful biography coordinator,RYDER! YESS CELEBI!Its so CUTE! :D What an excellent interview to begin with the series, Nick!A job Welllll donee! :D

Julienne Collins

Julienne Collins Ooh I like this blog already!

Delphi Emerson

Delphi Emerson Great article! And yes, the amount of enemies you have Ry certainly makes you unique xD

Nick Jones

Nick Jones thank you everyone and thank you yun for coding it

Jason Charles

Jason Charles Wonderful article, Nick!

Anastasia Wisteria

Anastasia Wisteria Ohhh wonderful blog Nick! <3

Basil Gardener

Basil Gardener Nice job, Nick!

Kayden Long

Kayden Long Great Article Nick! (I kinda knew the Enemy part thanks to Addi's stories *cough *cough*)

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