Guess The Pokemon
hi everyone wow it's Saturday and i have funny news with me that i hope you will like but now to Guess the Pokemon

- From : Yun Winters

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Yun Winters

Yun Winters i'm so glad you all ike my blog but you all can send your guesses to me on Pokemassage. just so we dont spiler it. thank you <3

Hollie Star

Hollie Star Charmander :3

Addison Akihiko

Addison Akihiko Love this article, such a great idea Yun!

Bay Anderson

Bay Anderson Wait I overthinked this, the last line gives away it's Charmander.

Bay Anderson

Bay Anderson If pokedex order, then Charmander, but if you're talking about lore it's Chimchar or Arceus. Arceus created Sinnoh first, and Chimchar's the only fire type from Sinnoh. You can change Arceus to a fire type with the Flame Plate, and it's the first Pokemon. So it's either Charmander, Chimchar, or Arceus.

Ash Henry

Ash Henry Charmander

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