What If Users......... Wigglytuff
Are you curious as to what some of our site users would be like as Pokémon? Read on!

- From : Elahe Sharma

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Boat Sansurin

Boat Sansurin It's ME! Mom i'm famoussss. Love you all mwah xx

Nine Thanin

Nine Thanin Boat is my absolute favorite Wigglytuff ( ^◡^)っ

Rooney Rybicki

Rooney Rybicki Hehe Boat WOULD make for quite the silly Wigglytuff.

Kitt Wanchai

Kitt Wanchai Ooo a new blog series? I'm so excited!! And my bestest cousin being the first edition is even better. The answers to the questions are as follows: A Moon Stone, pink, its bean shaped body, my main man Boat, and Nine Thanin (hm.... interesting developments going on there!). Keep up the amazing sleuthing, Elahe x

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