Yun's Poem Corner!!!
Hello everyone, and welcome to Yun's Poem Corner. or today, it's not just mine, but it's also Star Blackwoods, Irinia Montague, and last but not least, Brendin Daniels. Corner, I hope you will like these poems as I do <3

- From : Yun Winters

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Delphi Emerson

Delphi Emerson Amazing poems!

Ryder Ackerman

Ryder Ackerman These are some amazing poems! Great job everyone <3

Anastasia Wisteria

Anastasia Wisteria Loved the poems!

Takahashi Hitomaro

Takahashi Hitomaro Masterpieces! Looking forward to more poems! :D

Ida Bernier

Ida Bernier These are really wonderful!

Brendin Daniels

Brendin Daniels Glad to see I wasn't the only one. Nice job to the others.

Ashara Leva

Ashara Leva Love the poetry >_>

Addison Akihiko

Addison Akihiko What wonderful Poem's, great job everyone! Keep sending them in!

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