Hello everyone, and welcome to 5 things. This is a five happens series about whatever I hope you will like. today there are things you are not allowed to do

- From : Yun Winters

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Takahashi Hitomaro

Takahashi Hitomaro ;o awesomeeee blogposttt!

Ida Bernier

Ida Bernier This is wonderful! I can't wait to read more!

Elliott Walmund

Elliott Walmund I totally relate to number 2 and 5! Awesome blog can’t wait to see more of this series <3

Ryder Ackerman

Ryder Ackerman What a great blog Yun!

Velvet Nox

Velvet Nox Lovely article!

Ashara Leva

Ashara Leva Great list of advices <_

Marzipan Naopi

Marzipan Naopi Wonderful first blog, Yun! Can't wait for the next ones!

Teddy Grayson

Teddy Grayson What a lovely and interesting blog! Great job here!!

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